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Replacement and Return

Terms and policies of replacement and refund:

  • The policy of replacement and retrieval includes all products of the store according to the type of product.
  • We bear all shipping and replacement costs in case of wrong product arrival or technical problem of product or shipment arrival in improper condition.
  • If you wish to exchange or refund for any other reason, The shop does not incur any other shipping costs incurred, depending on the details of the products in the terms and conditions of replacement and retrieval .
  • If the product is in bad condition or not in compliance with the above mentioned specifications, the customer has the right to replace or refund it within 5 days from the date of receipt of the product by contacting us via e-store or telephone application.
  • The customer shall not have the right to refund money In Exchange for the products That got it Purchase through Rewards points , Where it is compensated with reward points.
  • If a customer receives free cash or a free purchase, he is not entitled to transfer the balance to cash.
  • All section products (cables, sensors, batteries, bulbs and accessories) can not be returned or replaced for health reasons. And can only be replaced or retrieved if received in bad condition.
  • If the customer purchases the products through Visa or MasterCard cards and wishes to redeem the payment, he or she will be compensated by redeeming the same amount for the same purchased Visa or Mastercard, and the redemption period will be subject to payment by the bank (or electronic payment).
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